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A RPG based on the books in the Twilight Saga
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 Cullen's Place

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Rosalie Hale <3


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PostSubject: Cullen's Place   Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:49 pm

Rosalie sat on the couch in the living room, lounging around, flipping through channels on the television trying to find something interesting on. After glancing through half the channels she gave up and picked up her latest issue of Vouge magazine. She sat there and read through some articles, but got bored, real fast. Being a vampire, and being able to do most anything you wanted had its advantages at some times, but not now; now Rose was just bored, and had nothing to do. 'I wish Emmett were here.' she thought to herself as she sighed and turned her body so that she could lie down on the couch.

A lock of her wavy blonde hair fell in front of her face, and she gently tucked it behind her ear. 'Where is everyone?' she thought, there was no way she was the only one left in the house, where else would they have gone?She debated on calling Emmett or Alice, but thought she might go check upstairs first. "Hello anyone home?"

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Cullen's Place
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