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 Jesse Thommes

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Jesse Thommes

Jesse Thommes

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PostSubject: Jesse Thommes   Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:24 am

(Alice, this is Jesse, you know. Um parents walked in and they saw my name and they called me a "Devil worshiper" I'm not i swear to god!!!. I just have to change my this is the same bio and everything...just please change my name to Jesse Thommes...i think yo can do that right?)

Name: Jesse Thommes

Age: 18

Birthday: November, 24

Biography: Jesse was always able to take care of himself. It devestated him when he came home to find that his parents were dead in the living room of his house. He was 13 and he was so astonished that he ran into the woods, not caring where he went. He survived in the woods surviving on simple stuff, he learned to pickpocket very well and he learned how to sneak up on people. When he turned 15, he was about to pickpocket a woman, when he got close she turned around and grabbed him, he was so afraid when he saw her gleaming red eyes that he was stunned.
When he finally came to his senses the lady was closing in on his neck, he tried and tried to hit her, but she was so damn hard!! He finally got away as the lady with red gleaming eyes was knocked away by a man...with gleaming yellow eyes. Jesse ran back into the woods gasping for air. This memory haunts him in his dreams and while he is awake, he lost focus and his food supplie started to deplete. He decided that it was time to return home. He was 17.
He now lives in his house and gets moneny the same way he used too but this time it is much easier, not many people walked in the woods. He works out and runs intot he woods every morning. He does not hesitate when he does like he used to, he just keeps jogging right along the same path as he has the past year.

Personality: Jesse is easy going and has met very few people so he is a little bit shy. He loves too laugh and loves to feel happy. Heb lets alot of stuff go and knows when to stop doing something and when to keep doing something. The very wierd thing about Jesse is that wherever he is, he always tends to shock himself.

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Max Wilder

Max Wilder

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PostSubject: Re: Jesse Thommes   Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:09 am

Approved, i'll change it for you

Who says Vampires and Wolves can't get along?
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Jesse Thommes
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