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 HEHE!!! Home-made!! Watch it NOW!

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Jesse Thommes

Jesse Thommes

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PostSubject: HEHE!!! Home-made!! Watch it NOW!   Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:26 pm

Before or after you watch the video, it doesn't matter...but it is important that you read the stuff below the video!!!!


PS: sorry for the no shirt thing...I NEVER wear a shirt...not even in winter or when i got to the gas station!!

PPS: Don't worry...I am older, I have a deeper voice, my hair is alot blonder, I am alot more buff and cut!! >.<, I am better at the guitar, and i have a better camera!!

PPS: don't you dare delete this!! Im going camping, and when i come back i better find this UNTOUCHED and OVERWATCHED!! ( = ^ . ^ = ) (This bunny face is a trade mark of Jesse and should not be used, or i will HUNT YOU DOWN!!)

PPPS: I only messed up once, and thats when i was grinding through the scales and i missed a note...^_^

PPPPS: I love writing PS's...don't you?

PPPPPS: Oh yeah, can you guys rate it? from 1 to 10? or a word review...Be Critical!!...even yell BOO!! if you have too...but thats mean!! Rate it on its smoothness, or clarity, or rockness, or spped, or anything you see really...javascript:emoticonp('lol!')

PPPPPPS: The only reason i put it on here was so you guys didn't think that i quit this site...CAUSE I NEVER WILL!!! Im just going to be gone for a couple of days, im going camping for 5 days at the max...cya ina couple days!!
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PostSubject: Re: HEHE!!! Home-made!! Watch it NOW!   Thu Nov 05, 2009 5:57 pm

dang! you're awesome!
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HEHE!!! Home-made!! Watch it NOW!
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