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 Lucy Cullen

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Lucy Cullen

Lucy Cullen

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PostSubject: Lucy Cullen   Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:19 am

Name: Lucy Tyra Kendrick Cullen

Age: 17 (human year) 200 (true age)

Birthday: Sept 18th 1809

Biography: Born to Mr and Mrs Kendrick during the year 1809, they leave together in a small town called Stony Brook. Lucy used to have a normal life. On Sept 19, 1826 she was on her way from her grandmother's house after a celebration, it was already late but she decided that she was big enough to walk home on her own. Just 3 miles from her grandmother's house, she came across two magnificine young men, their faces was as white as snow, they had an angelic look but what she remembered most was their eyes, there were as black as the midnight sky. The tallest one grabbed her with a blink of an eye, she felt the teeth sink into her skin, she was so shock she was unable to yell. She felt the life draining out of her but then suddenly a strong cold hand pulled her away. Then she passed out. When she came to, she was in a small house, it seemed uninhabited by anyone, she felt a hungry thirst in her throat. She got up to look around, she realized her senses where much stronger. She turn to her side to see a bottle of red liquid, she opened the bottle and drank till it was empty. Then she realize that it was blood she was drinking. Feeling sick she drew the bottle away. She walked out of the place and move towards where she thought was her home. But she felt weird being with humans. So she decided to live in the mountain. there she came across Carlisle, another vampire. She was adopted into the family.

Personality: Lucy is a out going person, she is pretty much a bookworm. She is also a 'vegetarian' as the other Cullen's put it. She is loyal to the family and kind-hearted. She enjoyed baseball with her family as well as helping her sister Alice with decorations. She is playful and quite easy going. Lucy has the ability to get information she needs about people she touch. But that is only if they seen it or knew it themselves

Family/clan: Cullen

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Embry Call

Embry Call

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PostSubject: Re: Lucy Cullen   Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:35 am

Since no ones ever on I guess Approved.
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Lucy Cullen
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