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A RPG based on the books in the Twilight Saga
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 Tenshi Hirano (STILL EDITING)

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PostSubject: Tenshi Hirano (STILL EDITING)   Fri Mar 27, 2009 5:46 am

Name:Tenshi Hirano


Birthday:August 12 1852

Biography: She orignates from Japan

Personality:She is Distent loner type and is unsure if a new commer she meets is a threat to her so she keeps her feelings and trust hidden from others, she is the true definition of the typically emo girl but a twist with a little of a skater chick personalty. Once she trust someone she is loyal as they come when it comes to giving her trust to someone that is deserving.

Family/clan: Dead
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Tenshi Hirano (STILL EDITING)
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