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 Sam Uley The Leader

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Sam Uley

Sam Uley

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PostSubject: Sam Uley The Leader   Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:23 pm

Name: Sam Uley


Race:Werewolf/Shape shifter


Sam Uley is the leader of the La Push pack. His father, Joshua Uley, abandoned him and his mother when he was very young. Before becoming a werewolf, he was romantically involved with Leah Clearwater, his high school sweetheart. His relationship with her started to fall apart after his transformation, because he was forbidden to tell Leah what he had become. Their relationship ended when Sam imprinted on Leah's second cousin, Emily , and went back on every promise he had ever made to Leah. According to Jacob, Sam feels guilty for betraying her and responsible for the bitter person Leah has become. When he phases, he is pure black and the largest wolf, until Breaking Dawn when it is noted that Jacob has grown taller than him. He is the pack Alpha, but not by blood; that role is Jacob's, but he allowed Sam to lead the pack until Breaking Dawn.

other facts:

  1. He used to date Leah Clearwater when she was only a freshman, and the relationship broke when he became a Shape-Shifter.

  2. He imprinted on Emily Young, Leah's 2nd cousin, and scratched her accidentally in werewolf form because she was too close to him.

  3. Leah and Sam still like each each other, but sometimes Leah projects uneasy thoughts to Sam in werewolf form about Emily.

  4. When he is in wolf form, he is said to be black, as he has a 'black heart'.
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Alice Cullen
Alice Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Sam Uley The Leader   Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:32 pm

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Sam Uley The Leader
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