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A RPG based on the books in the Twilight Saga
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 Reggie and Rebecca Deathlock

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PostSubject: Reggie and Rebecca Deathlock   Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:46 am

Reggie Deathlock Rebecka Deathlock
Age:Both 15
Bio:Neither of the twins remember any of their life before becoming vampires. Reggie plays the guitar and Rebecka plays the violin. They used to drink human blood but a vampire who didnt tell his name taught them that they could use animal blood instead.
Reggie~Quiet, Serious, Over-protective, Show-off, Smarty
Rebecka~Bubbly, Inquisitive, Nervous
Rebecka~Able to manipulate the elements
Both~They are able to share thoughts with each other that cannot be read by mind readers.
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Reggie and Rebecca Deathlock
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